Offroad Outlaws Mod Apk v6.6.7 Free Download for Android
Offroad Outlaws Mod Apk v6.6.7 Free Download for Android

Offroad Outlaws Mod Apk v6.6.7 Free Download for Android

Download Offroad Outlaws Mod APK for an enhanced off-roading experience with unlimited money, all vehicles unlocked, and more. Start your off-roading adventure today!

Android Android Android Racing
4.2 ( 730 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Offroad Outlaws
Publisher Battle Creek Games
Genre Racing
Size 207.9 MB
Version 6.6.7
Update Mar 03, 2024
MOD Unlimited Money, Elite membership
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Offroad Outlaws is the most famous version in the Offroad Outlaws series of publisher Battle Creek Games
Mod Version 6.6.7
Total installs 2819148
  • Unlimited Money and Gold
  • VIP Unlocked
  • Unlocked All Cars
  • Free Shopping
  • Elite Membership
  • Ads Removed

Whats New

  • The game has introduced 4 new vehicles, including a Ford Bronco and a Can-Am SxS
  • New Offroad Outlaws Pin Codes have been released for players to try out
  • The game now includes new vehicles such as Monster cars and new terrains
  • The game now offers a balance between the cars' speeds and maneuverability, emphasizing balance over speed
  • The game now allows players to solve quests with friends online, enhancing the multiplayer experience
  • The game now includes detailed Offroad vehicle models
  • The game now offers a built-in MAP EDITOR, allowing players to create their own maps and share them with the community

Offroad Outlaws is a thrilling off-road racing game that offers an immersive and realistic off-roading experience. The game stands out with its detailed customization options, diverse terrains, and dynamic weather conditions. Players can modify their vehicles, explore open-world maps, and even create their own trails.

The Offroad Outlaws Mod APK takes the excitement to the next level by offering unlimited money, all vehicles unlocked, and other premium features for free. This allows players to fully enjoy the game without any limitations or the need to grind for resources. If you’re a fan of off-roading and love the thrill of exploring rugged terrains, Offroad Outlaws and its mod APK are worth checking out.

Overview of the Game

Offroad Outlaws is an off-road racing game where players can drive freely across various terrains, customize their vehicles, and compete in challenging races. The game features a wide range of vehicles, including trucks, quads, SxS, and more. Each vehicle can be customized with different parts and upgrades to improve its performance and appearance.

The game’s open world is filled with diverse terrains, from muddy swamps to rocky mountains. Players can explore these terrains at their own pace, discover hidden locations, and even create their own trails using the game’s trail maker. The game also features a multiplayer mode, allowing players to compete against each other in races or explore the open world together.


Offroad Outlaws is a mobile game that can be played on Android devices. The game requires Android 4.1 or higher and at least 1GB of RAM. The game’s file size is approximately 150MB, so make sure you have enough storage space on your device before downloading.

For the best gaming experience, it’s recommended to play Offroad Outlaws on a device with a powerful processor and a high-resolution screen. This will ensure smooth gameplay and crisp, clear graphics. A stable internet connection is also required for multiplayer modes.

Features Unlocked by Offroad Outlaws Mod APK

Unlimited Money and Gold

The Offroad Outlaws Mod APK provides players with unlimited money and gold, which is a game-changer for enthusiasts of this off-road racing adventure. With this feature, players can indulge in endless customization and upgrades without the usual in-game financial constraints. This means you can purchase the best vehicles, parts, and equipment right from the start, allowing for a more enjoyable and less restrictive gaming experience. The freedom to spend without limits significantly enhances the gameplay, as it removes the grind typically associated with accumulating in-game currency, letting players focus on the fun aspects of the game.

Offroad Outlaws Mod Apk Unlocked All Cars

VIP Unlocked

VIP Unlocked in Offroad Outlaws Mod APK grants players access to premium features that would otherwise be unavailable or require real-money transactions. This could include exclusive vehicles, special customization options, or other unique benefits that enhance the gaming experience. With VIP status, players can enjoy a more luxurious and feature-rich version of the game, adding an extra layer of enjoyment and prestige to their off-road racing endeavors.

Unlocked All Cars

With all cars unlocked, players have immediate access to the entire range of vehicles within Offroad Outlaws. This feature allows players to experiment with different types of vehicles without the need to progress through the game or unlock them one by one. Whether you’re looking for speed, handling, or durability, you can select the perfect car for any terrain or challenge right from the start, providing a more diverse and fulfilling racing experience.

Free Shopping

Free shopping is a feature that enables players to acquire any in-game items without the need to spend any money or gold. This allows for unrestricted access to upgrades, customizations, and other in-game purchases, further enhancing the player’s ability to tailor their gameplay experience to their liking. With free shopping, the game becomes more accessible and player-friendly, as all content is readily available without financial barriers.

Offroad Outlaws Mod Apk VIP Unlocked

Elite Membership

Elite Membership in Offroad Outlaws Mod APK likely refers to an elevated status within the game that provides additional benefits and features. This feature adds a level of exclusivity and luxury to the game, making it more engaging for players who have it.

Ads Removed

The removal of ads is a common feature in modded APKs, and Offroad Outlaws Mod APK is no exception. This feature enhances the player’s experience by eliminating interruptions and distractions caused by in-game advertisements. Players can enjoy a smoother, more immersive gaming experience without the annoyance of frequent ad breaks, allowing for uninterrupted gameplay and enjoyment.

Features of Offroad Outlaws

Realistic Physics and Handling

Offroad Outlaws stands out with its realistic physics and handling, making every off-road adventure feel incredibly authentic. The game emphasizes balance over speed, challenging players to navigate tricky terrains and dangerous roads that conventional vehicles can’t handle. This feature tests players’ driving skills, offering multiple opportunities to race and achieve a balance between their vehicles’ speeds and maneuverability.

Offroad Outlaws Mod Apk Unlimited Money And Gold

Extensive Vehicle Customization

The game offers extensive vehicle customization, allowing players to tailor the details of their vehicle, including shape, wheel size, color, and upgrade parts. This feature enables players to build and set up their rig exactly how they want, adding a personal touch to the game and enhancing the strategic depth.

Challenging Environments

Offroad Outlaws features challenging environments, including trails, deserts, swamps, and more. These terrains provide advanced driving challenges, testing players’ off-road skills in various conditions. The game comes with a special tool called a map editor. With this tool, players can easily make their own race tracks and share them with other players in the community.

Multiplayer Exploration

The game offers a multiplayer mode where players can explore the trails with friends or other players. This feature enhances the social aspect of the game, allowing players to collaborate with other outlaws to achieve goals and share the thrill of off-road racing.

Intuitive Touch Controls

Offroad Outlaws features intuitive touch controls, providing players with complete control over how they build, setup, and drive their rig. The controls are responsive and precise, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience for players of all skill levels.

Offroad Outlaws Mod Apk Elite Membership

Weekly Events

The game hosts weekly events that offer new challenges and opportunities for players to test their skills and earn rewards. These events keep the gameplay fresh and engaging, providing players with incentives to continue playing and improving.

Content Sharing

Offroad Outlaws encourages content sharing, allowing players to create and share custom vehicles, maps, and challenges. This feature fosters a sense of community among players and expands the game’s content and replayability.

Regular Updates

Regular updates ensure that Offroad Outlaws continues to evolve and expand. These updates can include new vehicles, environments, and game modes, providing players with fresh content to explore.

Social Platform Integration

Offroad Outlaws boasts an active and passionate community of players. The game integrates with social platforms, enabling players to engage with fellow off-road enthusiasts, share tips and tricks, and participate in community events. This feature enhances the game’s social aspect and provides players with the opportunity to form lasting connections within the game.


Offroad Outlaws is a thrilling off-road racing game that offers a unique and immersive off-roading experience. The game’s detailed vehicle customization, diverse terrains, and dynamic weather conditions make it a must-play for any off-roading enthusiast. The Offroad Outlaws Mod APK enhances the gaming experience by offering unlimited resources and unlocked features, making the game even more enjoyable. So, if you’re ready for some off-road action, download the Offroad Outlaws Mod APK today!

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