War Machines MOD APK v8.31.1 (Unlimited Money and Gems)
War Machines MOD APK v8.31.1 (Unlimited Money and Gems)

War Machines MOD APK v8.31.1 (Unlimited Money and Gems)

Download War Machines Mod APK for an ultimate tank battle experience. Enjoy unlimited access to all features and upgrades.

Android Android Android Action
4.4 ( 318 ratings )
Price: $0
Name War Machines Tanks Battle
Publisher Fun Games For Free
Genre Action
Size 151 MB
Version 8.31.1
Update Mar 03, 2024
MOD Unlimited Money and Gems
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War Machines Tanks Battle is the most famous version in the War Machines Tanks Battle series of publisher Fun Games For Free
Mod Version 8.31.1
Total installs 8482758
  • Unlimited Money and Gems
  • Unlocked Tanks and Weapons
  • Mod Menu
  • Show Enemies on Radar
  • Increased Game Speed

Whats New

New Tanks

War Machines is an exhilarating, free-to-play tank battle game that immerses players in the heart of the action. Commanding a powerful army of tanks, players engage in intense, fast-paced battles, unleashing destruction upon their enemies. The game offers a strategic gameplay experience, requiring players to plan their attacks and adapt to the ever-changing battlefield. With the War Machines Mod APK, the game becomes even more exciting, offering unlimited access to all features and upgrades without spending a dime.

Game Overview

War Machines is a multiplayer strategic shooter where players command a tank in a series of 3-minute battles. The game features a massive army of tanks to choose from, each with its unique strengths and capabilities. The controls are intuitive and easy to master, ensuring that players have full command of their war machines during intense combat. The game also offers a progression system, allowing players to upgrade their war machines and become the ultimate tank commander. With its free-to-play model, players have unlimited access to all the action.



War Machines is a game that can be played on various platforms. For Android users, the game requires Android 5.1 or higher. The game’s file size is approximately 165 MB, so ensure you have enough storage space on your device before downloading.

Top Features Unlocked by War Machines Mod APK

Unlimited Money and Gems

The mod provides unlimited money and gems, allowing you to freely purchase top-tier tanks, weapons, upgrades and customizations without worrying about costs. This gives you a huge advantage over the competition.

Unlocked Tanks and Weapons

All tanks, weapons, maps and skins are unlocked from the start, eliminating the need to grind through the tech tree. You have instant access to customize your ultimate fleet.

War Machines Mod Apk Unlocked Tanks And Weapons

Mod Menu

A mod menu allows easily activating powerful cheat options like unlimited resources, free shopping, unlocking content, and more. Fully customize your gameplay experience.

Show Enemies on Radar

A radar hack highlights all enemies directly on the minimap for increased situational awareness and strategic advantage. Always know where your foes are.

Increased Game Speed

The modified speed allows your tanks to move at ludicrous velocities for intense, high-octane battles. Leave your opponents in the dust.

Features of War Machines

Strategic Gameplay

Success in War Machines requires smart tactical decisions and strategic thinking. Carefully position tanks for the best lines of fire while avoiding exposure. Utilize terrain, buildings, and smoke as cover during battles. Manage ammunition usage between different shell types. Scout enemy locations and movements to set up ambushes or flanking maneuvers. Outsmart and outmaneuver opponents to secure victory.

War Machines Apk Mod

Powerful Tanks

Command an arsenal of iconic armored vehicles from light scouts to heavy brawlers, each with unique roles and playstyles. Customize tanks with specialized ammunition, armor improvements, gadgets and more to match your strategy. Experiment with different configurations to discover your perfect battle machines. Bring customized steel beasts bristling with advanced technology to competitive and cooperative battles.

Solo and Team Gameplay

War Machines offers action-packed 15v15 team battles waging large-scale mechanized warfare alongside allies. Cooperative play rewards coordination of tank roles and tactical movements. Or go lone wolf in free-for-all skirmishes testing skills against every player. Have a competitive or casual experience in fierce PvP multiplayer battles.

Dynamic Battlefields

Fight across expansive battlefields with destructible environments and dynamic weather creating ever-changing conditions. Dense urban maps full of cover-providing buildings. Open countryside with rolling hills and scenic forests. Desert landscapes with towering dunes. Snow-covered winter environments. Day or night, clear skies, rain or fog – no two battles are the same.

War Machines Mod Apk Unlimited Money And Gems

Progression and Upgrades

The more you play, the more tanks, weapons, equipment and customizations you unlock. Progress along extensive upgrade trees to bolster damage, speed, armor and abilities. Advance in competitive leagues and divisions as your skills improve. Earn new ranks and prestige awards by mastering each vehicle type. Events and challenges provide additional progression opportunities and exclusive rewards.

Intuitive Controls

Smooth, responsive controls make commanding your steel war machines thrilling and intuitive. Assisted driving options help newcomers easily get into the action while allowing veterans to pull off advanced maneuvers. Useful UI elements keep key battlefield information easily accessible. Customizable touchscreen button layouts optimize commands for your playstyle.

Stunning Visuals

Cutting-edge graphics showcase the mechanized mayhem with immaculate detail and smooth performance. Intricately modeled tanks boast true-to-life aesthetics and animations. Environments richly capture the atmosphere of battlefields with dynamic effects like rolling smoke, fire and weather. Runs great on a wide range of devices while delivering a visually impressive experience.

Fierce Competition

Test skills against enemies in heart-pounding PvP warfare. Dynamic matchmaking ensures fair, fun and competitive engagements every time you play. Climb through the ranks over seasonal play to establish dominance over friends and foes. Receive new challenges and rewards by reaching higher leagues and divisions. Prove yourself the ultimate armored vehicle commander.

Global Leaderboards

Compare statistics and rankings with tank commanders from around the world. Climb to the top of daily, weekly and seasonal ladders in various gameplay modes. Compete in time-limited events and tournaments for limited-edition tanks and customizations. The extensive community provides continuously evolving competition to keep progression and gameplay feeling fresh.


War Machines is a thrilling, action-packed game that offers an immersive tank battle experience. The Mod APK enhances this experience by providing unlimited access to all features and upgrades, making the game even more exciting. So, if you’re ready to command your own army of powerful machines and bring destruction upon your enemies, download the War Machines Mod APK today and dominate the battlefield.

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