About Us

Welcome to SavedApk.com, your number one source for premium modded Android apps and games. We are a team of Android enthusiasts who are passionate about customizing and enhancing the Android experience.

Our Story

Savedapk.com was founded in 2023 by a group of friends who loved tweaking and modding Android apps. We started the website as a hobby project to share modded apps with each other and the wider Android community. What began as a simple file hosting site quickly evolved into a popular modded app library as word spread among Android power users.

Our Mission

Our mission at savedapk.com is to provide Android users with access to premium modded apps for free. We believe that many popular Android apps have lots of untapped potential that can be unlocked through thoughtful modding and customization. That’s why we work hard to hand test and curate only the highest quality modded Android apps to share with our users.

Our Modding Process

We have a rigorous process for modding and testing apps before they are published on savedapk.com:

  • Decompile original apps
  • Analyze code to identify modding opportunities
  • Add premium unlocked features
  • Remove ads/bloatware/trackers
  • Stability & security testing on multiple devices
  • Publish final modded apps after quality checks

By following this process, we are able to deliver fully featured premium apps to our users entirely for free.

Meet the Team

Savedapk.com is run by a small team of passionate Android experts, including:

  • John – Founder & Lead Developer
  • Mary – Community Manager
  • Declan – Android Developer
  • Steve – App Tester
  • Jane – Graphic Designer
  • Sofia – Content Writer
  • Rebecca – Content Writer
  • Joel – Content Writer & Publisher

We may be a small team, but our shared love of Android drives us to provide the best modded apps possible to our growing community of users. We regularly engage with users via forums and social media to take app requests and feedback. So if you love customizing your Android experience, you’ve come to the right place! Join our community by downloading some modded apps or telling us what apps you’d like to see modded next.