Torque Drift Mod APK v2.28.0 (Unlimited Money)
Torque Drift Mod APK v2.28.0 (Unlimited Money)

Torque Drift Mod APK v2.28.0 (Unlimited Money)

Download Torque Drift Mod APK for an enhanced drifting experience with unlimited money, all cars and tracks unlocked. Start your drifting journey today!

Android Android Android Racing
4.4 ( 121 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Torque Drift
Publisher Grease Monkey Games Pty Ltd
Genre Racing
Size 1.5 GB
Version 2.28.0
Update Mar 03, 2024
MOD Unlimited Money
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Torque Drift is the most famous version in the Torque Drift series of publisher Grease Monkey Games Pty Ltd
Mod Version 2.28.0
Total installs 1928019
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All Cars
  • Free Shopping
  • Ads Removed

Whats New

  • New cars and locations added
  • Bugs fixed

Torque Drift is a high-octane, competitive drifting game that has taken the mobile gaming world by storm. Developed by Grease Monkey Games, it offers an authentic drifting experience with its realistic physics, stunning graphics, and comprehensive customization options. Players can build their cars, customize their paint jobs, and compete in thrilling drift battles against players worldwide.

For those seeking an enhanced gaming experience, the Torque Drift Mod APK offers additional features such as unlimited money and cars unlocked.

Overview of the Game

Torque Drift is a game that truly captures the essence of drifting. Players start from the bottom, building their reputation and car from scratch, and work their way up to compete against the best in the world. The game features real drifting physics, providing an authentic and immersive driving experience.

Players can customize their cars with different parts, tuning them to their liking to improve performance. The game also features real-world tracks and sponsors, adding to the realism. Players can compete in single-player mode or go head-to-head against other players in multiplayer mode, showcasing their drifting skills and competing for the top spot on the leaderboard.


  • Android 6.0 or higher
  • At least 3GB of RAM
  • A quad-core processor
  • A minimum of 2.5GB of free storage space

Features Unlocked by Torque Drift Mod APK

Unlimited Money

The mod version offers an unlimited money feature. This means that players have access to an infinite amount of in-game currency, allowing them to purchase any upgrades, parts, or items they desire without worrying about running out of money. This feature enhances the gaming experience by removing the need to grind for currency, enabling players to focus on the gameplay and enjoy the thrill of drifting.

Torque Drift Mod APK Unlimited Money

Unlocked All Cars

Another significant feature is that all cars are unlocked from the start. This means players can choose from a wide variety of vehicles without needing to progress through the game or complete specific challenges to unlock them. This feature provides players with the freedom to experiment with different cars and find the one that best suits their playstyle.

Free Shopping

This feature allows players to purchase any in-game items, upgrades, or cars without spending their in-game currency. This feature, combined with the unlimited money feature, gives players the freedom to customize their cars and gameplay experience to their liking without any financial constraints.

Torque Drift Mod APK Free Shopping

Ads Removed

The mod version also removes all ads from the game. This means players can enjoy the game without any interruptions from advertisements. This feature enhances the gaming experience by allowing players to focus solely on the gameplay, making the game more enjoyable and immersive.

Features of Torque Drift

Realistic Drift Physics

Torque Drift offers a realistic drift physics system that sets it apart from other racing games. The game’s physics engine is designed to mimic real-world car behavior, providing an authentic drifting experience. Players can feel the car’s weight shift, the tires lose and regain grip, and the thrill of maintaining control while intentionally oversteering. This feature requires skill and practice, much like actual drifting, making the game both challenging and rewarding.

Online Multiplayer

The online multiplayer feature in Torque Drift allows players to compete against others worldwide. This feature enhances the gaming experience by providing a platform for players to test their skills and strategies against real opponents. The multiplayer mode offers various events and competitions, fostering a sense of community and rivalry among players.

Torque Drift Mod APK Ads Removed

Comprehensive Car Customization

Torque Drift provides a comprehensive car customization feature, allowing players to modify their vehicles extensively. Players can adjust various aspects of their cars, including the engine, transmission, and differential. This feature allows players to tailor their vehicles to their driving style and the specific demands of different tracks, adding depth and personalization to the game.

Real-World Tracks and Sponsors

Torque Drift features real-world tracks and sponsors, adding another layer of realism to the game. Players can race on tracks modeled after actual locations, enhancing the immersive experience. The presence of real-world sponsors also adds authenticity and allows players to feel like professional drift racers.

Progression System

The progression system in Torque Drift provides a sense of achievement and encourages continuous play. As players improve their skills and win races, they can unlock new cars, parts, and tracks. This system rewards dedication and skill, making the game more engaging and satisfying.

Track Variety

Torque Drift offers a variety of tracks, each with its unique layout and challenges. This variety keeps the game fresh and exciting, as players must adapt their strategies and driving styles to each new track. The different tracks also showcase various environments, adding to the game’s visual appeal.

Torque Drift Mod APK Unlocked All Cars

Next-Gen Visuals

Torque Drift features next-gen visuals, providing a visually stunning gaming experience. The game’s graphics are highly detailed and realistic, from the cars and tracks to the environments and weather effects. These high-quality visuals enhance the immersive experience of the game.

Licensed Cars and Parts

Torque Drift includes licensed cars and parts, adding to the game’s realism and authenticity. Players can drive cars from real-world manufacturers and upgrade them with licensed parts. This feature allows players to create their dream drift cars in the game, enhancing the personalization and immersion.

Ownership and Trading

The ownership and trading feature in Torque Drift allows players to buy, sell, and trade cars and parts. This feature adds a strategic element to the game, as players must manage their resources and make smart decisions to build their ideal drift car. It also fosters interaction among players, enhancing the game’s community aspect.


Torque Drift offers a unique and immersive drifting experience that stands out in the mobile gaming landscape. Whether you choose the standard APK or the feature-rich Mod APK, you’re in for a thrilling ride. The Mod APK, in particular, offers an all-access pass to the game’s content, making it an attractive option for those who want to experience everything the game has to offer without limitations.

Download the Torque Drift Mod APK today and start your journey to become the ultimate drift king.

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