Dead Target Mod Apk v4.126.0 (Unlocked All Weapons)
Dead Target Mod Apk v4.126.0 (Unlocked All Weapons)

Dead Target Mod Apk v4.126.0 (Unlocked All Weapons)

Get unlimited gold/money, one hit kills, rapid-fire guns, unlocked weapons and more with the Dead Target mod APK - destroy zombies easily!

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4.6 ( 662 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Dead Target Mod Apk
Publisher VNGGames Studios
Genre Action
Size 143 MB
Version 4.126.0
Update Mar 03, 2024
MOD Unlocked All Weapons
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Dead Target Mod Apk is the most famous version in the Dead Target Mod Apk series of publisher VNGGames Studios
Mod Version 4.126.0
Total installs 8248572
  • Unlimited Gold and Money
  • All Weapons Unlocked
  • One Hit Kill Mode
  • Rapid Fire Weapons
  • Unlocked VIP Features

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Dead Target is a popular zombie-themed FPS survival game on mobile that offers PvE co-op action for 1-4 players. You team up to mow down relentless zombie waves with firearms and melee weapons across detailed environments like casinos, hotels, banks and more.

With a campaign spanning hundreds of levels and multiple playable heroes with unique skills, Dead Target provides hours of undead-slaying action. The game features console-quality visuals along with a variety of enemies and bosses to take down.

And with the Dead Target mod APK, you get unlimited money to keep upgrading guns forever, infinite gold to revive without waiting, one hit kills, and more. This lets you annihilate zombies with overpowered weapons for maximum fun.

Overview of Dead Target

In Dead Target, you battle the undead either solo or with other players in co-op across sprawling maps with varied objectives. Modes range from surviving endless zombie assaults to taking down hulking bosses.

Core gameplay involves mowing down the creatively designed zombies using firearms like assault rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles. You also have melee weapons and grenades that come handy when swarmed.

There’s an emphasis on progression as you level up to unlock better guns and new heroes with unique skills. Heroes include a gunslinger, medic, grenadier, sniper and more. Upgrading weapons also require coins earned from killing zombies.

With quality console-like visuals and animations, meaty gunplay, and waves of undead offering a satisfying shooting gallery, Dead Target captures the FPS survival experience nicely on mobile.


  • Android 5.1 and up
  • 2GB RAM
  • Snapdragon 625 processor
  • Adreno 506 GPU
  • 2GB free storage

Note that Dead Target is an online game requiring a stable internet connection. For co-op and other multiplayer functionality, a 4G/LTE or WiFi connection is recommended for minimal latency.

Top Features Unlocked by Dead Target Mod APK

Unlimited Gold and Money

Dead Target Mod APK provides players with unlimited gold and money. This feature allows you to purchase and upgrade weapons, gear, and abilities without worrying about running out of resources. It eliminates the need for grinding or making in-app purchases, allowing you to focus on the action and strategy of the game. With unlimited resources, you can fully customize your gameplay experience and dominate the zombie hordes.

All Weapons Unlocked

In the mod version of Dead Target, all weapons are unlocked from the start. This means you have immediate access to over 30 upgradable firearms, including handguns and heavy artillery. With this feature, you can experiment with different weapons and find the ones that best suit your playstyle. It also allows you to adapt your arsenal to the challenges of each level, enhancing your chances of survival.

Dead Target Mod Apk Unlocked All Weapons

One Hit Kill Mode

One hit kill mode is a powerful feature of Dead Target Mod APK. With this mode activated, you can eliminate zombies with a single shot, regardless of the weapon used. This feature can significantly speed up your progress through the game and is particularly useful in challenging levels or boss battles. However, it also reduces the game’s difficulty, so it may not be suitable for players seeking a more challenging experience.

Unlimited Energy/Fuel

The mod also provides unlimited energy or fuel. This feature ensures that you can continue playing for as long as you want without having to wait for energy or fuel to replenish. It removes one of the common limitations in mobile games, allowing you to enjoy Dead Target at your own pace.

Rapid Fire Weapons

Rapid fire is another feature of Dead Target Mod APK. This feature increases the firing rate of your weapons, allowing you to unleash a barrage of bullets on the zombie hordes. Rapid fire can be especially effective when combined with unlimited ammo, turning you into a relentless zombie-killing machine.

High Damage Output

The mod increases your damage output, allowing you to take down zombies more quickly and efficiently. This feature can be a game-changer in difficult levels or boss battles, where dealing high damage is crucial for survival. With high damage output, you can face even the toughest zombies with confidence.

Unlocked VIP Features

Dead Target Mod APK also unlocks VIP features, providing you with additional benefits and enhancements. These can include exclusive weapons, bonus gold and money, and other perks that improve your gameplay experience. With VIP features unlocked, you can enjoy the full range of what Dead Target has to offer.

In summary, the Dead Target mod eliminates all barriers, allowing you to become an unstoppable zombie-killing machine!

Features of Dead Target

Zombie-themed FPS Action

Dead Target plunges players into a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies, offering a first-person shooter (FPS) experience that’s both intense and immersive. As a survivor, you’re tasked with defending against waves of zombies, each with their own behaviors and attacks. The game’s FPS action is designed to be both accessible for newcomers and challenging for seasoned gamers, ensuring that every encounter with the undead feels thrilling and satisfying.

Dead Target Apk Mod

Detailed 3D Maps and Environments

The game features detailed 3D maps and environments that enhance the zombie-slaying experience. Players navigate through a variety of apocalyptic settings, each meticulously crafted to provide a sense of dread and urgency. The 3D graphics bring the decaying world to life, with environments ranging from desolate cities to eerie abandoned facilities, all designed to create an engaging backdrop for the zombie onslaught.

Hundreds of Campaign Levels

Dead Target offers hundreds of campaign levels, ensuring that players have a wealth of content to enjoy. Each level presents new challenges and objectives, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging. As players progress, they encounter increasingly difficult scenarios that require strategic thinking and quick reflexes to survive the relentless zombie hordes.

Co-op for 1-4 Players

The game supports cooperative play for 1-4 players, allowing friends to team up and take on the zombie apocalypse together. Co-op mode encourages teamwork and strategy, as players must coordinate their efforts to fend off zombies and complete objectives. This social aspect of the game adds an extra layer of fun and camaraderie to the zombie-slaying experience.

Dead Target Mod Apk All Guns Unlocked

10 Playable Hero Classes

Players can choose from 10 playable hero classes, each with unique abilities and playstyles. This variety allows for personalized gameplay, as players can select a hero that matches their preferred approach to combat. Whether you enjoy being on the front lines or supporting teammates from afar, there’s a hero class that fits your style.

30+ Upgradable Firearms

With over 30 upgradable firearms, Dead Target provides a vast arsenal for players to unleash upon the undead. From handguns to heavy artillery, each weapon can be upgraded to increase its effectiveness in battle. This progression system adds depth to the game, as players must decide which weapons to enhance based on their playstyle and the challenges ahead.

Loot Progression System

The loot progression system rewards players with new gear and upgrades as they eliminate zombies and complete levels. This system incentivizes players to keep playing and improving their arsenal. The thrill of discovering new loot after a hard-fought battle keeps the gameplay loop engaging and rewarding.

Dead Target Mod Apk Unlimited Diamonds

Boss Battles

Boss battles introduce formidable adversaries that require more than just firepower to defeat. These encounters test players’ skills and strategies, as each boss has unique abilities and weaknesses. Overcoming these powerful zombies provides a sense of accomplishment and marks significant progress in the game’s campaign.

Console-Quality Visuals

Dead Target boasts console-quality visuals that elevate the mobile gaming experience. The high-definition graphics and smooth animations create an immersive environment that rivals that of console games. This visual fidelity ensures that every zombie encounter is not only fun but also a feast for the eyes.


With heart-pumping FPS gameplay in a zombie apocalypse setting across hundreds of levels, Dead Target is easily one of the top action games on mobile. And the mod APK makes it even more enjoyable by granting you overpowered weapons and unlimited resources against the undead hordes.

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