Chicken Gun Mod Apk v4.0.2 (Unlimited Money and Health)
Chicken Gun Mod Apk v4.0.2 (Unlimited Money and Health)

Chicken Gun Mod Apk v4.0.2 (Unlimited Money and Health)

Download Chicken Gun Mod APK for a unique FPS experience. Enjoy unlimited resources, all weapons unlocked, and more. Join the poultry-powered action today!

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4.6 ( 727 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Chicken Gun
Publisher ChaloApps
Genre Action
Size 332 MB
Version 4.0.2
Update Mar 03, 2024
MOD Unlimited Money and Health
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Chicken Gun is the most famous version in the Chicken Gun series of publisher ChaloApps
Mod Version 4.0.2
Total installs 8275827
  • Unlimited Money and Health
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Free Shopping
  • Mod Menu
  • God Mode

Whats New

Bugs fixed

Chicken Gun is a unique and entertaining multiplayer FPS game that brings a humorous twist to the genre. The game is set in a world where chickens have taken up arms, and players engage in intense battles using a variety of weapons, including the titular chicken gun. The game offers a fun and engaging experience with its quirky concept, diverse weapon selection, and competitive multiplayer modes.

The Chicken Gun Mod APK takes the fun to another level by offering unlimited money, all weapons unlocked, and other premium features for free. This allows players to fully enjoy the game without any limitations or the need to grind for resources. If you’re looking for a fun and unique FPS experience, Chicken Gun and its mod APK are worth checking out.

Overview of the Game

Chicken Gun is a multiplayer FPS game where players take on the role of armed chickens and engage in intense battles. The game offers a variety of weapons, including guns, grenades, and the unique chicken gun, which fires chickens at enemies. The game features a variety of maps and game modes, including team deathmatch and free-for-all.

The game’s controls are simple and intuitive, making it easy for players of all skill levels to jump in and start playing. The game also features a progression system, allowing players to earn money and unlock new weapons and upgrades as they play.

Chicken Gun’s graphics are colorful and cartoonish, adding to the game’s humorous and lighthearted tone. The game also features a variety of customization options, allowing players to personalize their chicken warriors with different skins and accessories.


Chicken Gun is a mobile game that can be played on Android devices. The game requires Android 4.4 or higher and at least 1GB of RAM. The game’s file size is approximately 100MB, so make sure you have enough storage space on your device before downloading.

For the best gaming experience, it’s recommended to play Chicken Gun on a device with a powerful processor and a high-resolution screen. This will ensure smooth gameplay and crisp, clear graphics. A stable internet connection is also required for multiplayer modes.

Top Features Unlocked by Chicken Gun Mod APK

Unlimited Money and Health

The Unlimited Money and Health feature is a game-changer for players. With unlimited money, you can upgrade your chicken avatar and weaponry to the maximum, allowing you to dominate the game in style. This financial freedom eliminates the need for tedious grinding, letting you focus on the fun aspects of the game. The unlimited health feature, on the other hand, makes your chicken avatar invincible. This means you can dive headfirst into battles without worrying about losing health, giving you a significant advantage in every firefight.

Chicken Gun Mod Apk Unlimited Money And Health

Unlimited Coins

The Unlimited Coins feature is another exciting aspect of the game. This feature allows you to accumulate an infinite number of coins, which can be used to unlock and upgrade various elements in the game. Whether it’s purchasing new weapons, enhancing your chicken’s abilities, or unlocking new game modes, unlimited coins provide you with the freedom to explore and enjoy the game to its fullest without any restrictions.

Free Shopping

The Free Shopping feature is a boon for players who love customization. With this feature, your shopping spree knows no bounds. You can purchase a wide array of outfits, accessories, and weapons for your chicken avatar without worrying about the cost. This feature not only enhances the visual appeal of your character but also allows you to experiment with different strategies and gameplay styles.

Mod Menu

The Mod Menu feature unlocks the full potential of the game. This feature grants you access to all the weapons, outfits, and accessories right from the start, eliminating the need for progression. The Mod Menu also allows you to tailor your gaming experience according to your preferences, making the game more engaging and enjoyable. Whether you want to change game settings, unlock new content, or customize your chicken avatar, the Mod Menu has got you covered.

God Mode

This feature is the ultimate power-up for players. With this feature, your chicken avatar becomes invincible, capable of withstanding any attack from opponents. This means you can engage in battles fearlessly, knowing that you cannot be defeated. God Mode not only gives you an upper hand in battles but also allows you to explore and enjoy the game without the fear of losing, making the gameplay experience more thrilling and satisfying.

Features of Chicken Gun APK

Varied Game Modes

Chicken Gun offers a variety of game modes, each providing a unique gameplay experience. These include Team Fight, Deathmatch, Racing, Free Mode, Duel, Elite Squad, Sandbox, and Battle Royale PvP. Each mode presents different challenges and requires distinct strategies, ensuring diverse and exciting gameplay. For instance, Team Fight involves team-based combat, while Deathmatch is a free-for-all battle. The Racing mode adds a competitive racing element, and Sandbox allows unrestricted gameplay.

Customizable Characters

Chicken Gun allows players to customize their characters, providing a sense of ownership and attachment. Players can modify the appearance of their chickens by changing their colors, patterns, or even attaching fun accessories. This feature allows players to infuse their personal touch into their in-game avatars, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Destructive Weapons Arsenal

Chicken Gun features a vast selection of weapons, ranging from pistols and shotguns to rifles and powerful RPG bazookas. Each weapon has unique attributes and can be upgraded to enhance its power and accuracy. This feature allows players to experiment with different weapon combinations, creating unique strategies to defeat their opponents.

Chicken Gun Mod Apk Free Shopping

Interactive Maps

The game features different interactive maps where players can engage in combat. These maps, inspired by various themes, add diversity to the gameplay and require players to adapt their strategies based on the terrain and environment. The interactive nature of these maps enhances the immersive experience of the game.

Intuitive Controls

Chicken Gun is designed with smooth and responsive controls, enhancing the overall gaming experience. These intuitive controls allow players to easily navigate their characters and weapons, providing a seamless and engaging gameplay experience.

Entertaining Physics and Humor

Chicken Gun combines humor and entertaining physics to create a unique and enjoyable gaming experience. The game’s quirky concept of armed chickens, explosive eggs, and humorous accessories adds a fun twist to the traditional shooter game, making it a delightful and entertaining experience for players.

Social Features

In multiplayer mode, you can play against people from all over the world. This makes the game more exciting and encourages teamwork. Whether you’re playing with your friends or challenging players globally, this mode guarantees thrilling action at every moment.

Regular Content Updates

Chicken Gun is regularly updated with new content, keeping the game fresh and engaging for players. These updates may include new game modes, weapons, maps, and character customization options. Regular content updates ensure that the game continues to provide diverse and exciting gameplay experiences for players.

Chicken Gun Mod Apk Mod Menu

Fierce Competition

Chicken Gun offers fierce competition, with various game modes that pit players against each other in thrilling showdowns. Whether in team-based battles or free-for-all deathmatches, players must utilize their shooting skills, strategic thinking, and weapon knowledge to emerge victorious. This competitive aspect adds an exciting layer of challenge to the game, making each match a test of skill and strategy.


Chicken Gun is a fun and unique FPS game that offers a fresh take on the genre. The game’s humorous concept, diverse weapon selection, and competitive multiplayer modes make it a must-play for any FPS fan. Its mod version enhances the gaming experience by offering unlimited resources and unlocked features, making the game even more enjoyable. So, if you’re ready for some poultry-powered action, download the Chicken Gun Mod APK today!

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