Bullet Force Mod Apk v1.100.1 (Unlimited Ammo/Money) for Android
Bullet Force Mod Apk v1.100.1 (Unlimited Ammo/Money) for Android

Bullet Force Mod Apk v1.100.1 (Unlimited Ammo/Money) for Android

Get unlimited gold/BP credits, all premium guns/skins, aimbot, wallhack and other hacks with the Bullet Force mod APK. Dominate matches!

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4.3 ( 846 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Bullet Force
Publisher Blayze Games L.L.C.
Genre Action
Size 899 MB
Version 1.100.1
Update Mar 03, 2024
MOD Unlimited Money and Gold
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Bullet Force is the most famous version in the Bullet Force series of publisher Blayze Games L.L.C.
Mod Version 1.100.1
Total installs 2394845
  • Unlimited Money and Gold
  • Max All Guns, Max Level
  • Fast Reload
  • No Recoil
  • Unlimited BP Credits

Whats New

All bugs fixed

Bullet Force is a competitive multiplayer FPS game for Android offering fast-paced team battles reminiscent of Call of Duty and Battlefield. It features modern military weapons, destructible environments, customizable loadouts, player progression, and ranked competitive modes supporting up to 20 players online.

With polished visuals and easy intuitive controls, Bullet Force is one of the better first person shooters available on mobile. And the Bullet Force mod APK makes it even better by unlocking all the premium guns, unlimited ammo, wall hacks, aimbot and more for free. This allows focusing on dominating matches without grinding or paying money.

Overview of Bullet Force

In Bullet Force, you battle in PvP multiplayer matches across over 20 maps themed after real world locations. Modes range from classic Team Deathmatch to Conquest where teams fight for control points. There’s also Gun Game where you change weapons on each kill.

Matches feel strategic and tactical like console Call of Duty titles, with players taking cover, using equipment, working as squads, and generally playing smartly. You start matches by customizing a main weapon, sidearm, attachments, gear, and perks to suit your playstyle.

Skillful players will thrive thanks to the solid FPS mechanics and lower time to kill compared to other mobile shooters. Movement and aiming feels smooth whether using touch or controller setups. Destructible environments also add dynamics rarely seen on mobile.

With regular updates bringing new maps, modes, weapons, and optimizations, Bullet Force continues improving. An engaged community also ensures multiplayer stays active for the long haul.


As a multiplayer FPS, Bullet Force requires:

  • Android 5.1 and up
  • Snapdragon 410 processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • Adreno 306 GPU
  • 1GB free storage

Meeting minimum specs allows playing smoothly on low graphics. The recommended specs deliver solid 60FPS performance on high graphics.

Bullet Force is best played using wired controller input rather than touchscreen for optimal aiming and response. But gamepad support is not mandatory.

Top Features Unlocked by Bullet Force Mod APK

All Premium Guns, Skins, Knives Unlocked

Bullet Force Mod APK offers all premium guns, skins, and knives unlocked from the start. This feature allows players to access a vast arsenal of lifelike weaponry, including over 20 weapons and 30 weapon camouflages, without the need to grind or make in-app purchases. This means you can immediately equip your character with the most powerful and visually appealing gear, enhancing your gameplay experience.

Unlimited BP Credits and Gold

The modification offers boundless BP credits and gold, the fundamental currencies within the game. These valuable resources empower players to bolster their weaponry, gaining access to a variety of potent guns, attachments, and customization possibilities. By eliminating any financial limitations, you gain the freedom to devise strategic plans and tailor your loadouts, ensuring your supremacy on the battlefield.

Wallhack, Aimbot, No Recoil, No Spread

Bullet Force Mod APK includes cheats like wallhack, aimbot, no recoil, and no spread. Wallhack allows you to see enemies through walls, giving you a significant tactical advantage. Aimbot automatically targets enemies, improving your shooting accuracy. No recoil eliminates gun kickback, and no spread ensures your bullets hit exactly where you aim.

Bullet Force Apk Mod Menu

Fast Reload, Unlimited Ammo

The mod also features fast reload and unlimited ammo. Fast reload significantly reduces the time it takes to refill your weapon’s magazine, keeping you in the action. Unlimited ammo means you never run out of bullets, allowing you to continuously fire at your enemies.

Unlocked Weapon Attachments

All weapon attachments are unlocked in the Bullet Force Mod APK. This includes multiple optics, laser sights, and barrel attachments, allowing you to customize your weapons for different combat scenarios and playstyles.

Max All Guns, Max Level

The mod allows you to max out all guns and reach the maximum level instantly. This means all weapons are at their highest power level, and your character has access to all abilities and perks from the start.

Unlimited Money and Gold

Similar to unlimited BP credits, the mod provides unlimited money and gold. These resources can be used to purchase premium items, upgrades, and customizations, enhancing your gameplay experience without the need to grind or spend real money.

Features of Bullet Force

Online PvP Multiplayer

Bullet Force is a fast-paced, action-packed online Player vs Player (PvP) multiplayer game. It allows you to engage in thrilling battles alongside your teammates in massive 20-player wars. The game offers several game modes including Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Free-For-All, and Gun Game, each providing a unique combat experience against other players. The game’s multiplayer feature is not limited to a single platform, supporting cross-platform play, which allows players on different devices to compete against each other in real-time.

Bullet Force Mod Apk Download

20+ Weapons Across All Classes

Bullet Force boasts an impressive arsenal of over 20 weapons across various classes, including assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs, snipers, shotguns, and explosives. Each weapon can be customized with over 30 weapon camouflages, multiple optics, laser sights, and barrel attachments, offering virtually endless possibilities for players to tailor their weaponry to their playstyle. The game also allows players to purchase weapons and extensions such as deadly machine guns and RPGs.

Progression System to Unlock Weapons

The game features a robust progression system that allows players to unlock new weapons and gear as they level up. This system encourages players to experiment with different weapons and strategies, adding depth and variety to the gameplay. The progression system also provides a sense of achievement and reward, as players can see tangible improvements in their arsenal as they advance in the game.

Controller Support with Customizable Layouts

Bullet Force supports controller use, offering players the option to customize their button layouts for an optimized gaming experience. This feature allows players to tailor the game controls to their preferences, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. However, it’s worth noting that there have been mixed reports about the game’s controller support, with some players experiencing difficulties.

Destructible Environments

Bullet Force features destructible environments, adding an extra layer of strategy and realism to the game. This feature allows players to use the environment to their advantage, creating new paths, cover points, or traps for enemies. The destructible environments also contribute to the immersive and dynamic nature of the game, making each match unique and unpredictable.

Bullet Force Mod Apk Unlimited Everything

Low Time to Kill Promoting Tactical Play

Bullet Force has a low time-to-kill mechanic, which means players can eliminate opponents with a few well-placed shots. This feature encourages tactical play, as players need to think strategically about their movements and positioning to avoid being quickly taken out by enemies. It also adds a sense of realism and intensity to the game, as every encounter with an enemy can quickly turn deadly.

Regular Updates and Optimizations

Bullet Force is regularly updated and optimized to improve gameplay, fix bugs, and add new content. These updates can include new weapons, game modes, maps, and other features, keeping the game fresh and engaging for players. Regular optimizations also ensure that the game runs smoothly across different platforms, providing a consistent and high-quality gaming experience for all players.


With solid FPS gameplay that runs smoothly even on mid-range devices, fun team-based PvP battles, and regular updates, Bullet Force is easy to recommend for Android gamers wanting their Call of Duty fix on mobile. And the mod APK makes it even more enjoyable by unlocking all content instantly.

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