Last Day On Earth Mod Apk v1.20.17 (Mod Menu, Unlimited Money)
Last Day On Earth Mod Apk v1.20.17 (Mod Menu, Unlimited Money)

Last Day On Earth Mod Apk v1.20.17 (Mod Menu, Unlimited Money)

Get unlimited money, energy, resources, one hit kills, max stats and other mod features with Last Day on Earth mod APK. Enjoy the ultimate zombie survival experience!

Android Android Android Action
4.3 ( 751 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Last Day on Earth
Publisher KEFIR
Genre Action
Size 697 MB
Version 1.20.17
Update Mar 02, 2024
MOD Unlimited Money, Energy
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Last Day on Earth is the most famous version in the Last Day on Earth series of publisher KEFIR
Mod Version 1.20.17
Total installs 7282940

Whats New

New Skins and Hair colors added

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a popular zombie survival game for Android that drops players into a post-apocalyptic wasteland and challenges them to scavenge resources, craft weapons, build shelters, and survive against infected and hostile humans alike. With its open world exploration, base building mechanics, and deep crafting system, the game offers an immersive survival experience on mobile.

And with the Last Day on Earth mod APK, you get unlimited money, coins, and resources alongside other features like one hit kills, infinite energy, max stats, and more. This allows focusing on the fun exploration and base building aspects rather than grinding.

Overview of Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth is an open world survival game where every new session spawns you in a random location in a sprawling zombie infested map. You start with nothing, forced to scour abandoned buildings, junkyards, forests and even dead player bases for resources. These range from basic necessities like food, water, weapons and building materials to rare items like chopper parts needed for escaping the wasteland.

Every action from sprinting to chopping trees drains precious energy, keeping you on edge. Night brings infected hordes, requiring lighting campfires or hiding in shelters. You also need to craft armor and weapons using found resources to defend against zombie attacks and hostile players. Base building mechanics allow constructing walls, traps, farms, crafting stations and more. Ultimately, you chip away at incremental goals like restoring a broken chopper to escape the wasteland.

With deep crafting systems, tense risk-reward exploration, and the constant threat of permadeath around each corner, Last Day on Earth offers a lot for survival game fans with its Android port.


  • Android 5.0 and up
  • 2GB RAM
  • Snapdragon 410 processor
  • Adreno 306 GPU
  • 2GB free storage

Features Unlocked by Last Day on Earth Mod APK

Unlimited Money

The unlimited money mod provides endless in-game currency to spend freely on whatever you wish. Now you can purchase top-tier weapons, armor, base upgrades and more without worrying about costs. This gives you a huge advantage in building the ultimate zombie-thwarting fortress and arsenal to dominate the wastelands.

Chopper Ready

With the chopper ready mod enabled, the motorcycle is instantly available to ride without needing to craft or find parts across the map first. Traverse the sprawling world at high speeds, accessing distant zones, loot and events rapidly. The chopper’s mobility is invaluable for efficient exploration, material harvesting and transportation of goods back to your base.

Unlimited Energy

This mod option grants unlimited energy for sprinting, melee combat and all other stamina-draining activities. Now you can explore every inch of the expansive world continuously without breaks, fully unleashing your battle and scavenging potential. The unlimited stamina allows you to take on even the most relentless zombie hordes without tiring.

Last Day On Earth Mod Apk Unlimited Energy

Unlimited Craft

Craft any weapon, armor, gadget, vehicle part or base upgrade without requirements or costs. Save endless hours grinding for materials and blueprints. Construct whatever you need to thrive in the harsh wilderness instantly with unlimited crafting capabilities.

Mod Menu

The mod menu allows toggling all cheat options on or off with the tap of a button. Enable god mode, one hit kills, teleportation and more. The convenient menu also features settings for spawning items, teleporting and other tools to customize the experience to your liking.

Features of Last Day on Earth: Survival

Realistic Open-World Environment

The game offers a realistic open-world environment that immerses players in a post-apocalyptic world. The game shows a destroyed world with broken buildings, wild landscapes, and lots of zombies wandering around the empty place. The game features various locations with different danger levels, each offering different resources and challenges. The spooky music and cool sound effects make the scary feeling even stronger in the game. It makes the players feel really involved and like they’re part of the story.

Last Day On Earth Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Crafting and Building

Crafting and building are integral parts of the game. Players can craft everything necessary for survival, from a house and clothes to weapons and an all-terrain vehicle, using the resources collected from different locations. As players level up, they gain access to hundreds of useful recipes and blueprints, allowing them to customize their shelter, learn new skills, modify weapons, and more.

Hardcore Survival Gameplay

The game provides a tough survival experience, challenging players to move through a deserted land full of zombies and other threats. Players must monitor their hunger, thirst, and health, as well as their radiation levels. Discovering and eating food and drinking water is super important for staying alive. Players also need to think about how dangerous places with harmful substances and really bad weather can affect them. In the game, the changing from day to night makes things harder. When it’s dark, it gets more dangerous, and moving around becomes tougher.

RPG Progression

The game also features RPG progression where players can level up their character, unlock skills and perks by completing quests and tasks to become more efficient at survival. This RPG element adds depth to the game, making it more engaging and rewarding for players.

Multiplayer Interactions

The game includes multiplayer elements, allowing players to join forces with friends or engage in PvP combat with other players. Players can participate in group raids against infected bases or participate in 3v3 PvP combat. This feature adds a social aspect to the game, making it more interactive and fun.

Last Day On Earth Mod Apk Chopper Ready

Challenging Seasons and Events

The game features seasonal updates and special events, introducing new content and challenges for players to overcome. These events and quests provide opportunities for players to earn rewards and interact with other survivors, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging.

Exploration and Adventure

Exploration and adventure are at the heart of of this game. Players are free to roam and scavenge across expansive zones like forests, towns, and more. This game brings together survival, exploration, and crafting. It’s like a fascinating blend of tough situations and chances to do cool things.

PvE and PvP Combat

The game offers both PvE (Player versus Environment) and PvP (Player versus Player) combat. Players can fight against hordes of zombies and other environmental dangers, or they can engage in combat with other players. This variety in combat options adds another layer of strategy and excitement to the game.

Last Day On Earth Mod Apk Mod Menu


With its addictive loot grind, tense exploration, and deep crafting systems, Last Day on Earth offers a great sandbox survival experience on mobile that captures the genre well without compromises. And the mod APK makes it even better for Android users by removing annoying grinding, letting you instantly build awesome bases and dominate the wasteland with maxed out stats and unlimited free resources.

So if you’re seeking your next addictive survival game to sink hours into on your Android device, Last Day on Earth: Survival mod apk is definitely worth checking out.

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