Zombie Catchers Mod Apk v1.33.0 (Unlimited Money, Plutonium)
Zombie Catchers Mod Apk v1.33.0 (Unlimited Money, Plutonium)

Zombie Catchers Mod Apk v1.33.0 (Unlimited Money, Plutonium)

Download Zombie Catchers Mod APK for an enhanced gaming experience with unlimited money, all levels unlocked, and more. Start your zombie business today!

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4.4 ( 154 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Zombie Catchers
Publisher Deca Games
Genre Action
Size 80 MB
Version 1.33.0
Update Mar 02, 2024
MOD Unlimited Plutonium and Money
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Zombie Catchers is the most famous version in the Zombie Catchers series of publisher Deca Games
Mod Version 1.33.0
Total installs 5823912
  • Unlimited Plutonium and Money
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Unlimited Zombies
  • Unlock Levels
  • Mod Menu
  • No Ads

Whats New

Bugs fixed

Zombie Catchers is an action-adventure game that offers a unique twist on the zombie genre. Instead of the usual post-apocalyptic survival scenario, the game presents a world where zombies are not just threats, but also valuable resources. Players take on the role of a brave intergalactic entrepreneur who hunts zombies to turn them into delicious food and drinks for their interstellar food business.

The Zombie Catchers Mod APK enhances the gameplay by offering unlimited resources, all levels unlocked, and other premium features for free. This allows players to fully enjoy the game without any limitations or the need to grind for resources. If you’re looking for a fun and unique twist on the zombie genre, this game worth checking out.

Overview of the Game

Zombie Catchers is an action-adventure game that combines elements of platforming, shooting, and business management. Players control an alien entrepreneur who hunts zombies and turns them into food and drinks for their business. The game features a variety of environments to explore, from swamps to beaches, each filled with different types of zombies to catch.

The game’s business management aspect involves upgrading your food stand, creating new recipes, and serving customers to earn money. The money can be used to upgrade your equipment, unlock new locations, and expand your business.

The game also features a ranking system, where players can climb the ranks by catching more zombies and expanding their business. The higher your rank, the more locations and equipment you can unlock.


Zombie Catchers is designed to run on a wide range of Android devices. But, to have the most fun while gaming, it’s a good idea to follow some specific recommendations for your device. The game requires:

  • Android 4.1 or higher
  • At least 2GB of RAM
  • A quad-core processor
  • A minimum of 100MB of free storage space

These requirements ensure that the game runs smoothly, with crisp graphics and minimal lag. Players should also have a stable internet connection for downloading updates and participating in online events.

Features Unlocked by Zombie Catchers Mod APK

Unlimited Plutonium and Money

The unlimited plutonium and money feature grants you endless resources to spend freely on anything you want in Zombie Catchers. Now you can instantly purchase top-tier weapons, gadgets, and upgrades without worrying about costs. This gives you a huge advantage for juicing up zombies and progressing through levels quickly. With unlimited funds, focus purely on the zombie-catching action rather than tedious grinding or expensive in-app purchases.

Zombie Catchers Mod Apk Mod Menu

Unlimited Money and Gems

Similar to unlimited plutonium and money, this mod option provides infinite gems and coins. These currencies unlock premium gear and tasty bait to attract even more zombies. Purchase the best traps, weapons, and juice squeezers to build the ultimate zombie-catching arsenal. Combine endless wealth with deep customization for complete freedom when gearing up to juice some zombies.

Unlimited Everything

With unlimited everything enabled, all weapons, gadgets, bait, traps, upgrades, and juice are instantly unlocked and available in unlimited quantities. Now you can access the full zombie-hunting catalog without restrictions or waiting. Experiment freely with creative catching strategies using every tool and ingredient imaginable. No more worrying about costs, requirements, or availability when gearing up for the ultimate zombie juice extraction.

Unlimited Zombies

This mod option removes all limits and caps on zombies, filling each level with endless hordes of the undead. Now you’ll have a constant massive supply of zombies to catch and juice for profits. The nonstop zombie spawns create thrilling gameplay where the action never slows down. See just how many zombies you can handle and how much juice you can extract!

Zombie Catchers Mod Apk Unlock Levels

Unlock Levels

All levels are unlocked from the start, providing immediate access to every strange location and challenging stage without needing to progress through them in order. Explore and juice zombies across the full range of bizarre lands from the get go. Take on hardcore end game levels right away for intense zombie catching action.

Mod Menu

The mod menu allows easily toggling all zombie-catching hacks and cheats to your liking for the ultimate experience. Activate options like unlimited resources, all items unlocked, max upgrades and more. The menu enables fully customizing the mod experience to your preferences with just a few taps for maximum juicy zombie catching fun.

Features of Zombie Catchers Hunt & Sell

Zombie Hunting and Trapping

Zombie Catchers features an exciting gameplay mechanic of hunting and trapping zombies. Players take on the role of a brave hunter, using a variety of tools and weapons to capture the undead. This includes a harpoon gun for long-range captures and a net for close encounters. The thrill of the hunt is enhanced by the need to strategize and adapt to different zombie types, each with unique behaviors and characteristics.

Underground Zombie Juice Business

A unique feature of Zombie Catchers is the underground zombie juice business. Once you catch zombies, you can squish them into delicious juices and then sell those juices to people who are hungry. This adds a fun and quirky twist to the game, blending action-packed hunting with business management. Players must balance their time between hunting zombies and managing their juice business to maximize profits and progress in the game.

Zombie Catchers Mod Apk Unlimited Zombies

Exploring Apocalyptic Locations

The game features a variety of apocalyptic locations for players to explore. From swamps to graveyards, each location is teeming with zombies and filled with hidden secrets. Exploring these locations is not only essential for finding zombies but also provides opportunities to discover new tools, weapons, and resources. The diverse environments keep the gameplay fresh and engaging, offering new challenges and surprises at every turn.

RPG-Style Progression

Zombie Catchers incorporates RPG-style progression, allowing players to level up their character and equipment. As players capture more zombies and expand their business, they earn experience points and money that can be used to upgrade their tools, weapons, and juice production facilities. This progression system adds depth to the game, encouraging players to continuously improve their hunting and business skills.

Tower Defense and Base Building

In addition to hunting zombies, players can also engage in tower defense and base building. Players must defend their juice business from zombie attacks by building and upgrading defensive structures. This feature adds a strategic element to the game, as players must carefully plan their defenses to protect their hard-earned resources.

Single Player & Weekly Events

Zombie Catchers offers a single-player campaign as well as weekly events. The campaign allows players to progress at their own pace, while the weekly events provide additional challenges and opportunities to earn unique rewards. These events keep the gameplay dynamic and offer players new goals to strive for each week.

Social Features

The game includes social features that allow players to connect with friends and other players. These features may include leaderboards, friend lists, and the ability to share progress and achievements. The social aspect of the game enhances the sense of community and competition, encouraging players to strive for higher rankings and achievements.

Zombie Catchers Mod Apk Unlimited Plutonium And Money

Regular Content Updates

To keep the game fresh and engaging, Zombie Catchers receives regular content updates. These updates may introduce new zombies, locations, tools, and events, providing players with new challenges and gameplay options to explore. Regular updates ensure that the game continues to evolve and expand, keeping players engaged over time.


Zombie Catchers offers a unique and engaging twist on the zombie genre, combining action-adventure gameplay with business management elements. The game’s colorful graphics, variety of zombies, and business management aspects make it a must-play for any mobile gaming enthusiast. Its mod version enhances the gaming experience by offering unlimited resources and unlocked features, making the game even more enjoyable. So, if you’re ready for some zombie-catching action, download the Zombie Catchers Mod APK today!

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