Modern Warships Mod APK v0.77.0.120515560 (All Unlocked)
Modern Warships Mod APK v0.77.0.120515560 (All Unlocked)

Modern Warships Mod APK v0.77.0.120515560 (All Unlocked)

Get unlimited money, long-range radar, maxed out parts and more with the Modern Warships mod APK. Enjoy strategic PvP naval battles!

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4.4 ( 482 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Modern Warships
Publisher Artstorm FZE
Genre Action
Size 1.7 GB
Update Mar 03, 2024
MOD All Ships Unlocked
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Modern Warships is the most famous version in the Modern Warships series of publisher Artstorm FZE
Mod Version
Total installs 847277
  • All Ships Unlocked
  • Unlimited Money & Gold
  • No Reload
  • Offline Mode

Whats New

Bugs fixed

Modern Warships is a realistic naval combat game that allows players to command powerful warships in intense PvP battles. With stunning 3D graphics and accurate ship behavior, you get to experience the thrill of naval warfare firsthand from your mobile device.

The game features a roster of 60+ real-life ships to pick from, ranging from small corvettes to massive aircraft carriers. You can customize loadouts with various weapons like missiles, torpedoes and artillery. With strategic gameplay focused on positioning and managing ship systems, Modern Warships offers a fresh take on multiplayer action beyond just twitch skills.

And with the Modern Warships Mod APK, you unlock even more features and full customization without paying – like radar and engine boosts for gaining tactical advantages. Keep reading to learn what this phenomenal naval warfare game and its mods have to offer.

Overview of Modern Warships

In PvP fleet battles, you are pitted against up to 8 real opponents controlling their own ships. Maneuver your vessel utilizing realistic physics while unleashing barrages at targets. Careful positioning to expose the enemy broadside while protecting yours is key.

Manage power distribution to balance offense, defense and mobility. Charge weapon systems like cruise missiles to devastate foes. But watch your six as foes can flank you anytime. Choose engagements wisely, know when to push or retreat. Use islands and terrain for cover.

Matches feel like tactical chess as you outmaneuver opponents while maintaining your ship’s operating status. With deep strategy and decision making involved, victory goes to thinkers, not just great aim. Performance rewards you with currency to upgrade vessels and climb ranked tiers for bragging rights.

Modern Warships Mod APK No Reload


Since Modern Warships utilizes 3D graphics and physics, it requires a moderately powerful device to run well.

  • Android 5.1 or later
  • 2GB RAM
  • Snapdragon 625 processor equivalent
  • Adreno 506 GPU or equivalent
  • 2GB free storage space

With greater RAM and VRAM, you’ll be able to enable HD textures, high poly models, SSAO lighting, and post-processing effects for maximum eye candy without compromising performance. This results in crystal clear visuals and smooth 60FPS gameplay even in heavy combat scenes.

Top Features Unlocked by Modern Warships Mod APK

Unlimited Money & Gold

With unlimited money and gold in the Modern Warships mod APK, you can fully upgrade your fleet and dominate the seas without worrying about costs. Purchase top-tier warships, outfit them with advanced weapons, and customize them with cosmetics to your heart’s content. The unlimited resources allow you to experiment freely with different ship configurations to discover devastatingly effective armaments and tactics. You’ll have an unbeatable financial advantage over the competition, able to continuously improve your navy while opponents struggle to keep up. Become an unstoppable naval force, rising to the top of the leaderboards and securing victory after victory.

All Ships Unlocked

The Modern Warships mod APK grants you instant access to the full catalog of over 100 ships without needing to grind your way through the tech tree. Whether you prefer small, quick vessels for stealth attacks or hulking dreadnought battleships bristling with guns, you’ll have unlimited options for naval warfare. With all ships unlocked from patrol boats to aircraft carriers, you can test the limits of every vessel and find those that best suit your play style. Experiment with the wide variety of armaments at your disposal to create the ultimate bespoke warship. Then take your custom-designed fleet online and outwit your opponents with its unprecedented capabilities.

Modern Warships Mod APK All Ships Unlocked

No Reload

Eliminate frustrating reloading downtime with the no reload mod in Modern Warships. Your weapons will have unlimited ammunition, allowing you to rain down continuous salvos of shells, missiles, torpedoes, and more upon hapless enemies. Support vessels endlessly with impunity and become an unstoppable scourge of the seas. Never worry about conserving ammo or carefully timing your shots again. Instead, overwhelm opponents with unrelenting barrages and secure swift, decisive victories. This mod allows you to fully unleash the awe-inspiring firepower at your command.

Offline Mode

The offline mode mod lets you enjoy Modern Warships even without an internet connection for solo gameplay against AI enemies. Practice naval combat tactics, experiment with different custom ship configurations, and hone your skills for later online battles.

Features of Modern Warships

Realistic Naval Combat

Modern Warships provides an incredibly realistic naval combat experience. The advanced graphics and physics engines result in highly detailed ship and water models that behave exactly as they would in real life. Complex ballistics modeling makes shell trajectories and armor penetration true to reality. Dynamic weather and lighting impact visibility and weapon effectiveness during battles. And the advanced AI provides cunning enemies and allies that will challenge your naval combat skills.

Customizable Ships and Weapons

Fully customize your fleet in Modern Warships to match your tactical preferences. Unlock new warship classes ranging from small patrol boats to massive battleships. Then outfit them with different weapons like cannons, missiles, torpedoes, and more. Adjust attributes like speed, armor, stealth, sensors, and electronics. Cosmetically customize ships with camouflage, flags, and insignia. Name your vessels and upgrade their capabilities as you progress.

Modern Warships Apk Mod

Multiplayer Battles

Battle other players in PvP multiplayer and team-based clan wars. Cooperative PvE missions let you fight alongside friends against AI enemies. Massive Clan Fleets with specialized ships wage epic naval warfare. Compete on leaderboards and in time-limited competitive events to win exclusive rewards. The fluid multiplayer integration makes finding, joining and organizing naval battles easy and exciting.

Naval Strategy and Gameplay

Success in Modern Warships requires smart naval strategy and tactical decision making during battles. Carefully manage speed, heading, and weapons of individual ships manual or automatically. Launch aircraft from carriers to gain aerial recon and strikes. Utilize terrain, weather, spotting, scouting, smoke screens and other systems. Give broad fleet movement orders or control individual ships. Outsmart and outmaneuver your enemies for victory.

Ship Design and Graphics

Modern Warships features beautifully detailed ship and environment models, weather effects, missile trails, shell splashes, damage effects and more. Ships are carefully modeled after real-world vessels with accurate design proportions, radar signatures, acoustic profiles and handling. The game runs smoothly on a wide range of devices while delivering a visually impressive naval combat experience.

Progression and Rewards

The more you play Modern Warships, the more ships, weapons, equipment and customizations you unlock through an extensive tech tree. Contribute in multiplayer battles to progress your clan. Complete daily and monthly missions to earn resources and items. Events and competitions provide special limited-time rewards. Progress feels satisfyingly rewarding while encouraging continued gameplay.

Varied Warship Options

Wage naval warfare with a wide range of ships – patrol boats, corvettes, frigates, destroyers, cruisers, battleships, aircraft carriers and more. Over a hundred vessels are modeled after real ships from countries around the world. Each has unique characteristics and play styles, from quick and stealthy to heavily armed and armored brutes. Find and master your favorites.

Controls and User Experience

The intuitive touch or controller interfaces make controlling your fleet effortless. Useful UI elements like the tactical map and commands menu work smoothly. Auto piloting options from basic movement to advanced AI behaviors allow you to focus on tactics. MMO-style progression and multiplayer integration provide a satisfying and addictive gameplay loop.

Regular Content Updates

New content rolls out on a frequent basis in Modern Warships, so there is always something new to achieve. Events add special temporary content and rewards. Expansions grow the tech trees, ships, weapons and customizations. Gameplay and balance tweaks improve already great mechanics. Whether competitive or cooperative, PvE or PvP, there will always be new naval combat experiences to be had.

Competitive Events

Events pit you against others in special competitive modes with unique rewards you can’t get anywhere else. Rapid Fire calls for quick and aggressive battles. Big Hunt provides a stealthy submarine combat experience. Convoy modes challenge you to defend or attack AI controlled convoys. And more event types will continue to be added over time. Events let you test your skills in new naval combat scenarios while earning exclusive ships, commanders and other goodies along the way.


With strategic PvP gameplay and incredible visuals, Modern Warships offers a polished naval warfare experience on mobile. And the mod APK unlocks unlimited money, modified radar and overpowered components for dominating the high seas! Command your fleet to victory now.

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